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Personal Statement Essay Support- USA, LLC*


Are you a high school junior or senior looking to put your very best foot forward in applying to colleges? Or a college student looking to apply to graduate or professional programs? Are you an international student, from China, Botswana, or anywhere in between – and are looking to get into an English-speaking academic program? Then you should make sure to get professional help in organizing and preparing your essay, which is a critical element of your application package.

I can help. My name is Glenn Geher, PhD, and I have extensive experience in mentoring students at various life stages in all aspects of the writing process. In addition to helping mentor thousands of college students in my work as a professor, for over a decade now I have worked directly with many high school students in the domain of research - playing a pivotal role in helping them express their research ideas in clear and compelling writing. Further, I have overseen hundreds of personal essays written by college students looking to attend graduate and professional programs and have a clear and effective process for helping make sure that students are submitting their best work. 

I also have extensive professional experience as a writer, including nearly 100 academic publications, well over 100 non-academic publications, and five published books (with three more on the way). I have been decorated by the SUNY Chancellor with Excellence awards for both teaching and scholarship. Further, my popular Psychology Today blog, Darwin's Subterranean World, has received more than 1.5 million views worldwide and has been translated into over a dozen languages. Writing is what I do! Oh, and so is mentoring students in their written work!

The Process: To make a query regarding my services, simply email me. We can work out details regarding meetings and the process via email. This process will happen during two meetings that will occur over approximately two weeks. Each meeting will take approximately 60-90 minutes. 

During Meeting #1, I will meet with the student (in person or virtually via WeChat or ZOOM)  and ask several questions to get a sense of his or her (a) background (including extra-curricular interests, etc.), (b) academic aspirations, and (c) longer-term career goals.  We will then work together to develop an outline for the letter. Once the outline is developed, I will provide the student with clear guidance on how to fill it out to develop a strong and outstanding letter. We will then schedule the next meeting to take place about two weeks after the first meeting.

In between Meeting #1 and Meeting #2, the student will work up a draft. He or she will be encouraged to send me a draft and receive feedback during this interim stage. 


During Meeting #2, we will sit down together (in person or virtually) and go over the draft that the student has prepared. I will work with the student to edit and adjust the writing to develop it into a final draft that can be modified for various application purposes. 


The Product:

The final draft will be a strongly written document that highlights the student's particular strengths and experiences. It will make a case for how this student would be a good match for various high-quality universities and colleges. The writing will be professionally edited and powerful. And facets of the student's individuality will be underscored. We will not complete the process until each of these criteria are clearly met. 

Below is personal statement from a local high school senior who worked with my service during the college-application process.  She got into her top choice for college.


Costs for help with college essays are notoriously high, typically in the $3,000-$5,000 range. As someone who has overseen hundreds of personal statements from a broad array of students, I believe that these prices are out of line. With my help on their personal statements, my students have gotten into top-tier programs all around the world. And I have to say, the work involved on the part of myself as mentor does NOT warrant a fee of $3,000 to do this job well.

The cost is a flat fee of $1,000. Note that there is a 20% family and friend discount. Additionally note that in-person meetings will take place in New Paltz, NY so students must be able to travel accordingly.  This said, meetings with students from outside the Hudson Valley can take place virtually via ZOOM or WeChat - so note that this service is open to students across the nation. 

Note that some jobs may not be starting from scratch (e.g., a student might primarily need editing help with a document that is nearly final). For such cases, prorated rates are potentially available. 


Questions? Email me. - I will be more than glad to discuss your goals and a path to success!


*LLC is pending

Below is a sample essay from a high school senior in the Hudson Valley. This student benefited from my guidance in organizational, conceptual, and editorial work on this essay which was included in her college applications.

I shot straight up in the hotel bed when I heard my mother shriek. Confused by all the commotion of my parents at 5 a.m., I knew something horrible had happened. I grabbed my brother who was snoring in bed next to me, my heart racing and tears forming in my eyes, trying to comprehend the situation at just seven years old.  The passports scattered outside of our balcony and the empty, wide-open safe, immediately alerted my family to the robbery that had occurred. In our balcony suite hotel room in Jamaica, who would've thought we'd encounter burglary and find our lives in jeopardy?  

I've been fortunate to be able to travel to many amazing places.  I've been to Costa Rica, where I encountered monkeys in the jungle, Yosemite, where I hiked into the waterfalls, and Jamaica, where my family was legitimately robbed while we were asleep in my hotel room!  Overall, my life experiences have proven to me that traveling leads to unforgettable memories. 

Thankfully, for me, both of my parents graduated college and have successful careers. My father, in particular, is a professional chef, who prepares dishes from all around the world. He cooks sushi (from Japan), chicken francese (from Italy), latkes (from Northern Europe), stuffed baked potatoes (from Ireland), and many more. Through my father's passion for international cuisine, I have developed a strong interest in cultures from around the world (including making sushi myself!). 

My life experiences to this point have given me an intense focus on cross-cultural studies. My academic pursuits reflect this fact as I thrive in my college level French classes, as well as in Culture Club, where I've learned to make crepes, be a part of dance workshops, and embrace the French culture.  

Due to my broad spectrum of interests and experiences, I have not yet chosen a particular academic path.  Wherever I end up focusing in college, I am adamant that I want to study abroad during my collegiate experience.  For this reason, I appreciate the vast opportunities of study abroad programs in colleges these days. 

In addition to my interest in cross-cultural studies, I am passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives.  I may get this partly from my mother, who is a social worker.  I've found inspiration in the international programs undertaken by my peers.  I would love to travel to exotic places in Central America or Africa, to take language immersion classes, or to volunteer in an orphanage abroad to help underprivileged children.  Participating in these kinds of programs throughout my college experience would allow me to indulge in direct exposure to other cultures, and to bring home positive and valuable educational experience.  

Last year in my Advanced Placement Language and Composition class, I was given the opportunity to conduct a large research project on a topic of my choice.  I chose the topic of travel where I focused specifically on the benefits of immersing oneself in other cultures.  Some of the benefits that I learned about included gaining positive memories that will last you a lifetime, learning about the effects of different cultures, and increasing one's well-being.  However, based on the robbery of my family in Jamaica, traveling has proven to me to not always be positive.  This event, although terrifying, was an important learning experience: There are risks associated with traveling, just as there are risks associated with anything in life. 

Moving forward to my future voyage in life as a college student, I want to learn about the world not only in my classes, but also through first-hand experiences.  Whether it be helping orphans in Africa, taking an advanced language class in Europe, or eating sushi in Asia, I intend to see as much of the world as I can.  This approach to college will help me make a positive impact on the world. 



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